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HTC Superfloor™

HTC Superfloor™ utilizes an innovative grinding and polishing system which includes both metal bond and resin bond diamonds to bring out the natural beauty in your concrete floors.  HTC Superfloor™ produces a highly reflective surface finish that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but reduces maintenance costs and increases durability.

What Makes HTC Superfloor™ the Best?

  • Dense, polished surface helps protect against absorption of oil and other contaminants.
  • Resists tire marks from fork trucks and other traffic
  • Harder and stronger than other floor finishes
  • 40% more abrasion resistant than unfinished concrete
  • 20% increase in impact resistance than unfinished concrete
  • 30% increase in ambient light reflection from unfinished concrete
  • Flatter, more level surface
  • OSHA recommends that you achieve a static coefficient of friction (SCOF) of 0.5 for polished surfaces- HTC Superfloor™ SCOF wet: .50 / dry: .58
  • Easily add color to existing concrete during the HTC Superfloor™ process.


  • Dry, dust-free grind filters out 99.9% of all airborne dust
  • No VOC’s
  • No coating, urethane, waxes or topical coatings applied
  • No slurry
  • No protective gear such as ear plugs, masks, or retardant proof clothing necessary.
  • New water-based dyes for environmentally friendly coloring.


  • Lower initial costs compared to most other floor coverings
  • No down time waiting on chemical processes to cure
  • One-time application with minimal maintenance
  • Lower maintenance costs with less wear on cleaning equipment and consumables
  • Long life cycle of 5-10 years

Simple cleaning and maintenance, done correctly, are all that's required for a long-lasting HTC Superfloor™.  Due to its resistance to tire marks and other contaminants, the floor only needs a light cleaning from time to time. and a light polishing every three years.  HTC Superfloor™ never requires harsh chemicals to clean or strip the surface like some other processes - and over a 20-year period, Superfloor™ costs a fraction of what vinyl, tile or coatings cost to maintain.  Every day, sweep the floor with a dust mop or fine bristle broom to remove surface debris such as sand and dirt.

Cleaning and Maintaining a Superfloor™

  • Remove Debris   -Areas must be cleaned daily using either a dust mop or fine bristle broom to remove sand and debris that may scratch the surface.
  • Use CLEANER    -Clean the polished concrete surface with a mop or autoscrubber (make sure that the equipment is in good working order).  If using autoscrubber, combine with TWISTER™ for maximum results and aesthetics.
  • Restore   -After extensive traffic and/or poor maintenance procedures, your polished concrete may lose some of its luster.  The best way to restore it is to follow the TWISTER™ Cleaning Program.  If the floor was too poorly maintained and is rough and pitted, re-polish the floor with diamond tooling.  
  • Protect- For added protection, apply HTC Stainguard™.  Apply a very thin coat with a wax applicator or with an airless pump sprayer.

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