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Benefits of K&J Polished Concrete

“We’re on the Cutting Edge”

Why Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is an innovative and exciting alternative for concrete restoration and beautification to concrete floors.  A new process in the ever changing evolution of concrete we now use two of the oldest materials know to man:  diamonds and cement. Combined with the high technology K & J Concrete Polishing produces a sophisticated bright and very clean look on normally a very dull surface.  The process of polishing concrete hardens the concrete with densifiers, reduces the porosity and seals out contaminants.  The simplicity of the installation by our professionals is very economical and will increase ambient light reflection and slip resistance. 


Maintaining a polished concrete floor will reduce the costs associated with maintenance and overheard.  A flattening and leveling of the profile of the concrete surface requires less maintenance and maintenance consumables to maintain the surface.  This applies to both high traffic and low traffic areas.  K & J Concrete Polishing provides a written maintenance program for all completed projects.  The best assurance to a lasting shine is to use K & J’s approved products and maintenance program.

Polished Concrete Floor Life Cycle

Polished concrete floors should only need to be refinished every five to ten years in high traffic situations.  Epoxy coated floors need to be refinished every two to five years while sealed floors generally will need re-sealing in six to twelve months after each application.

A Creative and Functional Concrete Flooring System

There are many levels of shine and the concrete can be colored, scored, aggregates exposed or inlayed.  Your creation and our expertise can give you the beautiful and functional floor you want to achieve.

The owners and staff at K & J Concrete Polishing have a reputation for excellence, experience and innovation in the concrete industry having been an architectural concrete specialist for more than three decades.

Comparative Installation and Maintenance Costs

Based on a survey conducted by the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association, the information below compares the cost per square foot of commonly used commercial flooring materials.  This recent examination of flooring costs over a 20 year span illustrates not only some of the hidden costs involved in the purchase and installation of various materials.  It also illustrates the dramatic difference in the cost of these materials.

Costs per Square Foot

Installed Cost

Annual Maintenance

Average Life

Replacement Costs

Total Expense Over 20 years

Cost Per Square Foot per Year

Vinyl Sheet Flooring







Vinyl Tile Flooring







Ceramic Mosaic Tile







Quarry Tile







Cement Terrazzo














Polished Concrete





$  5.90

$ 0.30

Comparative costs based on 10,000 square feet.  Your costs may vary based on square footage, preparation needs, coloring, etc.


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